DQ PRODUCTIONS NY & PHIILY is a digital pro audio and video production company owned by CEO & President Dale Quashie
known as, DQ "THE BOSS PRODUCER." 

For the past 15 years, DQ PRODUCTIONS NY has been producing audio/visual creation and numerous recordings for all levels of businesses, local and international concert event promoters, radio station owners, small and corporate businesses.

DQ "THE BOSS PRODUCER" is highly connected and work with the top artist and their management camp, reputable business associates to produce a variety of audio and visual recording element production work, for clients Nationwide and worldwide.

Our main services include radio commercial production, online video commercials, tv commercials, radio station Imaging, voice Overs, DJ Drops, sound design imaging for artists, bands, DJs, websites, and social networking advertisements, and many more audio/visual branding services.

Our primary objective is to provide top-quality advertising to all our clients, thus increasing your overall sales, profits, and company branding, our staff consists of voice-over talents, producers, video editors, audio engineers, graphic designers, Ad Directors, and more.

Here at DQ PRODUCTIONS NY & PHILLY, we have a voice for every client; we're consistently seeking new creative talent to strengthen our Production Team. We use state-of-the-art computer technology, and some of today’s industry-standard software and studio equipment to deliver top-quality audio/visual production services.





                                                             Thank you for taking the time to visit our website, call us today for creative audio and video production for your company.